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LimeBox Networks LLC is a start-up private cloud telecommunication company that has developed a novel, appliance-based voice and video service for small to midsized businesses. The LimeBox voice solution, LimeVoice, fixes the painful problems that businesses were experiencing with hosted VoIP specifically -- call quality, reliability and security issues.

LimeVoice is an IP PBX platform deployed on a customer’s premise and managed in a private cloud. That is what makes managed LimeVoice service more secure, more reliable and has better call quality than hosted VoIP.. It is an easy-to-use, plug-and-play fusion of the best of hosted VoIP experience with the quality, reliability and security of a premise-based system. LimeVoice offers enterprise class features and functionality to small and medium businesses at an affordable monthly price with no capital expenditures. LimeVoice works with a customer’s existing phones existing carrier, so there are no added costs to switching, and no capital expenditures.

The LimeVoice platform includes all the feature of larger, more costly telephone systems like conferencing, call recording, call queues, IVR functionality, voicemail, unified communications and many other features in one system. In fact, LimeVoice offers features that pure hosted VoIP. LimeVoice does not have the same limitations to conference bridging and peak voice participants and all-paging that is inherent in hosted VoIP. LimeVoice has an easy-to-use, customizable, web-interface that makes it simple to manage phone calls and integrate with other business applications.

LimeView is our scalable video collaboration tool, managed as a service in a private cloud and is unparalleled in the industry for the price. LimeVoice and LimeView sell through authorized resellers only.


LawAtlasSM is a policy surveillance portal and web tool documenting key laws aimed at improving our health or access to health care. Visitors can use the Interactive Law Maps pages to generate maps and tables highlighting selected features of the law as it exists today or has changed over time. Visitors can download prepared summaries of current law from the Policy Surveillance Reports page, and on the Data page, visitors can view and download the underlying data, codebooks, and protocols.

LawAtlasSM is a comprehensive content management system that uses a novel tool for creating data that we call the Workbench.

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